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Cudmore Legal is a prominent and respected family and divorce law firm. Our family lawyers provide high-quality advice for family law in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Family Law Services

Our family lawyers offer a full suite of Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane family law firm services:

If you choose any of our family or divorce lawyers, you will be getting the support of an entire team. Our solicitors work closely together to ensure our clients get varied solutions, which, in turn, provides them with the best legal outcome in their case.

Advice options for your unique family law problem

How our family lawyers can help

Get Family Law Advice

Fresh Start Advice

Suppose you have separated or are considering separation. In that case, we offer tailored and confidential initial legal advice, which we call fresh start advice. We offer this over the phone or in person.

You can expect to receive detailed legal advice specific to your situation, for example:

  • how much is a fair % split;
  • what parenting arrangements might be appropriate;
  • how to formalise current parenting arrangements;
  • what you should do with the family home, assets or super;
  • how to proceed with or without lawyers.

This advice is 1-2 hours of legal advice to answer the family law questions unique to your situation, designed to set the path out of your current family law situation.

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General family law advice

Suppose you have a specific question or a unique family situation. You would like to have an in-depth discussion with one of our family lawyers. We offer a general family law advice session, useful for when you:

  • have family court orders, and you want to discuss them;
  • you want us to review a parenting plan or agreement;
  • have an upcoming mediation and want advice on the process; or
  • you would like some general family law advice.

This advice is 1 hour with any of our family lawyers in person or over the phone. It is to give specific and tailored advice to your unique family law situation.

Call A Family Lawyer

Quick Phone Chat

If you have a simple family law question or would like to obtain a quote for our legal drafting services, we can offer you a quick family law phone chat.

In a quick family law phone chat, you can expect to have a brief discussion with a divorce and family lawyer to speak about family law and your case generally.

We can, in some cases, provide a quote on:

  • divorce applications;
  • consent orders; or
  • binding financial agreements.

Talk To A Family Court Lawyer

Upcoming Court Advice

If you have a court date coming up, our family court lawyers can discuss with you options, solutions and likely court outcomes.

We like to avoid Family Court, but when it is unavoidable, you should get legal advice. At our Gold Coast and Brisbane family law firms, we can discuss with you your rights and options for:

  • domestic violence hearings;
  • interim parenting or property hearings;
  • final parenting or property trials; or
  • family lawyer arbitration hearings.

If you are interested in learning more about having initial advice with one of our family lawyers, please call us on (07) 3317 8346.

If you would like to talk to any of our Brisbane divorce lawyers or family lawyers, call us on (07) 3317 8346 or email [email protected].

What our family lawyers do

Financial Separation

A financial separation, often known as a property settlement, is the formal legal end in property proceedings. It is when two parties divide property by the family law act. Your property settlement entitlements and the best way to structure your property split is dependent on your family law situation. Our family and divorce solicitors in Brisbane can guide you to the best possible deal taking into account all factors. Choose Cudmore Legal for a professional family lawyer who can handle your complex property matters.


When two parents separate, it can dramatically impact a child’s life—the best interests are the most critical consideration in the child custody case. The child’s best interest and what a parent wants can conflict. Our child custody lawyers will guide you to the best possible parenting outcome. For advice you can count on, organise a free consultation with our separation lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast.

Mediation Representation

Mediation is compulsory in family law matters and often required in property settlement matters. It is a less formal and more inclusive way to resolve a family law dispute. The mediator acts as a person to resolve the conflict inclusively, contrary to family court, when a judge will decide on the case in a non-inclusive manner. Our family dispute lawyers in Brisbane and the surrounding areas are experienced in mediations and can argue your point clearly and concisely.

Binding Financial Agreements

Binding Financial Agreements are complex family law documents that essentially override the Family Law Act and its relevant property provisions. If done correctly, Binding Financial Agreements are as good as Family Court orders. If they don’t get done correctly, they can get overturned. Our family law solicitors in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast will assist you with the creation and review of concrete binding financial agreements.

Divorce Application

Divorce Applications can be made 12 months after separation. You can make the divorce application on your own, and this is called a sole divorce application. If the other de facto relationship party consents, you can make a joint divorce application. Either way, you want to make the application; our experienced divorce lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast will make sure your divorce goes through smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Contact our divorce solicitors today for a free consultation.

Court Representation

The Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court hears almost all family law matters. Our family court lawyers can represent you at any court events, so you get the best outcome. Whether you have an interim hearing or a final trial, our family law lawyers in Brisbane and the surrounding areas will guide you through the family law process.

To formalise parenting or financial arrangements, parties will usually enter into a consent order or Binding Financial Agreement. A consent order is as strong as a court order as it is a court order by consent. When parties enter into consent orders, it means parties have agreed to the order’s terms and put it before a registrar to seal it. Consent orders are the most likely outcome in family law cases. Our family law firms in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast can advise you on these family law issues.

You can obtain a domestic violence order through the police or apply privately for an order yourself or with the help of a domestic violence lawyer. Parties to domestic violence orders will usually begin with a temporary arrangement. The magistrate will then hear whether a formal longer order is required. Our domestic violence lawyers can guide you through the whole domestic violence process.

Child Recovery Order

The Family Law Court can make child recovery orders whether or not existing court orders are in place. A court will make a child recovery order if it’s in the child’s best interest. Often an order will also be accompanied by a location order (to search and locate a child), an interim parenting order (to stop the child from getting retaken) or an airport watchlist to keep the child in the country. Our experienced child custody lawyers can assist with any urgent parenting order you require or family law proceedings.

Prenuptial Agreements

Sometimes known as prenuptial agreements, financial agreements pre-separation act as post-separation directions on what will happen with financial assets. There are many pros and cons of prenuptial agreements, and they can be costly if not done right. The main two legal aspects to a financial agreement include the actual deal itself and the independent certificate of advice. Talk to our family solicitors in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast for independent legal advice.

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Luke gave great confidence and reassurance in a time that was quite stressful. His guidance, calm demeanour and professional manner in handling my matter were amazing. We got the results we were going for. I would highly recommend Cudmore legal.