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Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane is a family law firm located at Aspley and Bowen Hills on Brisbane Northside. We handle general family law matters such as:

We want our clients, whenever possible, to walk away with everything they deserve plus an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse. This isn’t war, and you’re not combatants.

No one likes unfair outcomes. We will ensure you get a fair and practical result by assigning you with the Best family lawyer for your case.

In separation, there are usually tense situations and a lot of emotions involved.  When that moment comes where reconciliation is out of the question the very last thing you want is to do is drag the process out or fight another day with the person you used to love.

The pain of separation and the endless points of regret that surround families during a period of divorce can be alleviated with the knowledge that you did everything you could do, that you’re providing an honest and equitable solution for each other, and that the kids (if any) are looked after.

At Cudmore Legal, we believe a sound strategy is fundamental to your matter. We will work with you to develop a sound strategic action plan early on and help you stick to it. We believe litigation is the last resort and have great faith in dispute resolution.

Statistically, only a tiny percentage of Family Law matters ever get to trial. Many settle with the help of a family lawyer before the matter gets to court. Some settle on the first court date. Some settle outside the front door of court on the day of the trial. Most people, in the right circumstances, can reach an agreement.

Our Divorce Lawyers

Our family lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle your divorce proceedings with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

Divorce is a difficult stressful time. There are often many unanswered questions. Emotions are in turmoil. There is a lot to consider. Our compassionate, caring and experienced solicitors are available to guide you through the process and reach a deal.

We’ll work with you, on your team and guide you to make the right decisions for your particular case.

Learn more about divorce.

De facto Separations

People don’t often realise that de facto relationships are treated in a very similar way to marriages. If you’ve been in a de facto relationship, you may be just as entitled to seek adjustments in property as someone who was married for the same length of time. Learn more about defacto relationships.

Family Law Property Distribution

After many years of being fused financially, we will guide you through the process of untangling your financial relationships in the least messy way possible. We will explore all dispute resolution options and help you negotiate a great deal.

Our Brisbane family lawyers consider it silly to come out of a divorce financially crippled (with most your money going towards legal fees). We follow a cost-effective and sensible approach to resolving property disputes.

Property Settlement

In property settlement matters Cudmore Legal can provide fixed fee arrangements or pay-at-the-end arrangements on a case by case basis. Learn more about property settlements.

Drafting and Reviewing Consent Orders with a family law solicitor

If you’ve already reached an agreement and merely want to formalise it, then consent orders are your solution.

Drafting and Reviewing Financial Agreements

Another way to formally document your divorce or family law property settlement is by way of financial agreement.

Child Custody

When a relationship ends acrimoniously, children are caught in the middle. We will provide you with practical, sensitive solutions. We firmly believe in the benefit to children building meaningful relationships with both of their parents. Some people think getting a lawyer involved will make it worse for the children, in most cases, this is not true. We will be able to advise you of your legal child custody visitation rights, so you know where to start negotiation with your former partner.

There are factors to consider when trying to work out how much time children should spend with the other parent or who the children should live with. These include their age, developmental needs, the child’s views and whether there has been any abuse or violence in the relationship. We will be able to provide you with a clear assessment of your case.

Learn more about how we can help with child custody.

Negotiating and drafting Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is an informal way to document your child custody arrangements. Learn more about how we can help with parenting plans here.


Child Custody mediation is required for Child Custody matters before proceeding to court. If a case reaches mediation stage, we can help.

Consent Orders

If you’ve agreed with your former spouse about child custody arrangments, and want something formal, we can assist with consent orders.

Domestic Violence

If you are seeking a Protection Order in the Magistrates Court, or a Protection Order matter is filed against you, we can provide you with compassionate, experienced representation.

Applying for a protection order

If you are being harassed by a former or current partner, Cudmore Legal can represent you and seek that a Protection Order is made limiting the contact the other party has with you. Learn more about our domestic violence applications here.

Contesting or defending a domestic violence order

If you are a Respondent, we will fight for your rights and ensure Orders go no further than necessary, particularly if children are involved, and the Protection Order would operate to limit your time with them.

In the event you are falsely accused, Cudmore Legal can ensuring that justice is done and that the truth comes out in court.

Learn more about contesting a protection order.

Our approach to affordable family law legal fees

We don’t believe in charging excessive legal fees, we want to be affordable to everyone. It can be devastating when a family falls apart, even the best family lawyer in Brisbane shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We bill our time fairly, honestly and openly and give you an upfront price. We charge most of our family law and estate matters on a fixed fee basis, which means you know the total cost before we start any work.

We understand many people cannot afford a family law solicitor when they need one. That’s why we can offer flexible payment alternatives such as fixed fee and pay at the end arrangements.

Brisbane family law firm core values

You’ll always have direct access to your lawyer, and you won’t be put off by a secretary every time you call. We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. That’s the Cudmore Legal promise. Learn more about our values.

Family law and your ideal outcome

At Cudmore Legal, we love to negotiate and help our clients reach a fair outcome.

We will use our experience to provide you with real-world solutions to your problems, providing you with practical, sensible advice to help you resolve your matters cost-effectively and rationally.

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