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Cudmore Legal is a Brisbane based law firm located in Bowen Hills directed by Luke Cudmore and his partner Lauren Costanzo. Luke and Lauren have two young children and understand the ups and downs of family life.

We don’t believe in charging excessive legal fees.  It can be devastating when a family falls apart, even the best family lawyer in Brisbane shouldn’t cost an arm. We bill our time fairly, honestly and openly.  We understand many people cannot afford a lawyer when they need one.  That’s why we can offer flexible payment alternatives such as fixed fee and pay at the end arrangements.

You’ll always have direct access to your lawyer and you won’t be put off by a secretary every time you call.  We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.  That’s the Cudmore Legal promise.

Wills and Succession Planning

In addition to family law we can assist you with other areas of law for when life changes. This includes succession planning such as Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Advanced Medical Directives and Testamentary Trusts. To learn more about these services and an overview of our fees please download the price guide.

I want to get a divorce

We make divorce simple

With two convenient office locations in Bowen Hills, our Brisbane divorce lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle your divorce proceedings with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. Our Brisbane family lawyers have years of experience arranging and concluding complex separation while concentrating on the best interests of our clients and their children.

Our Brisbane family lawyers know that divorce is a difficult stressful time. There is often many unanswered questions. Emotions are in turmoil. There is a lot to consider. Our compassionate, caring and experienced solicitors are available to guide you through the process and reach a deal.

We’ll work with you, on your team and guide you to make the right decisions for your particular case.

I want to split our assets

Pleasant Property Settlements

After many years of being fused financially, we can guide you through the process of untangling your financial relationships in the least-messy way possible.  Our brisbane family lawyers will explore all dispute resolution options and help you negotiate a great deal.

At Cudmore Legal, we believe in getting things settled.  We consider it silly to come out of a divorce financially crippled (with most your money going towards legal fees).

At Cudmore Legal, we follow a cost effective and sensible approach to resolving property disputes.

In property settlement matters Cudmore Legal can provide fixed fee arrangements or pay-at-the-end arrangements on a case by case basis.

What’s your ideal outcome?

At Cudmore Legal, we love to negotiate and help our clients reach great deals. We will use our experience to provide you with real-world solutions to your problems.

We will provide you will practical, sensible advice to help you resolve your matters in the most cost-effective and sensible way.

De Facto entitlements

De facto 101

People don’t often realise that de facto relationships are treated in a very similar way to marriages in Family Law. If you’ve been in a de facto relationship, you may just as entitled to seek adjustments in property as someone who was married for the same length of time.

I want help with child custody

Child Custody doesn’t have to be a battle

When a relationship ends acrimoniously, children are often caught in the middle. We will provide you with practical, sensitive solutions. We strongly believe in the benefit to children building meaningful relationships with both of their parents.

There are often a number of factors to consider when trying to work out how much time children should spend with the other parent or who the children should live with.  These include their age, developmental needs, the child’s views and whether there has been any abuse or violence in the relationship.

Our brisbane family lawyers can provide you with practical, sensitive solutions.  Cudmore Legal strongly believes in children having a relationship with both of their parents and will refuse to act for parents who instruct us to alienate children from the other parent for no good reason.

I need help with child support

Child Support without the challenge

Child Support is often a crucial resource for a parent whose ability to work is limited because of parenting responsibilities.

Our family lawyers can liase with the Child Support Agency on your behalf and help you recover child support owed to you, or help you negotiate with the Child Support about debts owed by you.

If it is required and when there are large amounts owing, we can help you start Court proceedings to seek recover of the money owing to you.

Protection Orders

How we can help protect you physically and emotionally

If you are seeking a Protection Order in the Magistrates Court, or a Protection Order matter has been filed against you, our Brisbane Family Lawyers can provide you with compassionate, experienced representation.

If you are being harassed by a former or current partner, Cudmore Legal can represent you and seek that a Protection Order be made limiting the contact the other party has with you.

If you are a Respondent, we can fight for your rights and ensure Orders go no further than necessary, particularly if children are involved and the Protection Order would operate to limit your time with them.

In the event you are falsely accused, Cudmore Legal can attack your accusers case with zealous intensity, ensuring that justice is done and that the truth comes out in Court.

Spousal Maitenance

Spousal maintenance support

In certain circumstances, a spouse will be required to pay spousal maintenance, particularly if one spouse needs it and the other spouse can pay it. We can help you make a claim for, or defend against claims for spousal maintenance.

Our Brisbane family lawyers can work with you to secure your entitlements and try our best to help you walk away from your relationship or marriage with adequate support for the future.

We give you straightfoward and honest advice so you can reach your settlement faster

Reach a fair settlement

Statistically, only a very small percentage of Family Law matters ever get to trial.  Many settle prior to the matter getting to court.  Some settle on the first court date.  Some settle outside the front door of court on the day of the trial.  Most people, in the right circumstances, can reach agreement.

In most Family Law cases, going to court is a waste of money.  In our experience, no one has walked away from litigation happy about their legal costs.  It’s simply not good value.  That’s why you should always try to reach a deal.

At Cudmore Legal, our Brisbane Family Lawyers believe that going to court should always be a last resort.  Our solicitors are excellent negotiators and believe in the benefits in alternative dispute resolution.  We’ll work with you every step of the way to find a deal.

Family law negotiation

We know how difficult a separation or divorce can be. That’s why we know you can’t put a price on moving on with your life. We don’t like seeing any of our clients engaged in a messy divorce or separation.

We like to see them happy and moving on to the next chapter of their lives. At Cudmore Legal, we promise to do our best to get you there.

Ready to get it settled?

At Cudmore Legal, we believe a sound strategy is fundamental to your matter. We will work with you to develop a sound strategic action plan early on and help you stick to it. We believe litigation is a last resort and have great faith in dispute resolution.

Couples work long and hard to build nest eggs during relationships, only to throw it all down the drain in disputes in the Family Court.

The sad reality for many of these couples is that a deal probably could have been reached much earlier on. They either received poor advice or were too caught up in the dispute.

At Cudmore Legal, we’ll work with you to reach the best deal possible in the circumstances and keep your matter out of Court.

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