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Award Winning Family and Divorce Lawyers Brisbane

Protecting what's important – your family, your wishes, and your property.

Award Winning

Family Lawyers Brisbane

Cudmore Legal is a prominent and respected divorce and family law firm. Our family lawyers in Brisbane provide high-quality and independent legal advice for family law in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

If you choose any of our Brisbane family lawyers, you will be getting the support of an entire team. Our family law solicitors work closely together to ensure our clients get varied solutions, which, in turn, provides them with the best legal outcome in their family law matter.

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Our experienced family lawyers can help with...

Looking for advice from our Brisbane divorce lawyers?

Brisbane Family Lawyers: Family Law Services

At Cudmore Legal, your Brisbane family law firm, we have an experienced team to assist you in a range of legal matters. Our family dispute resolution lawyers are at the ready. Contact us today.

Fresh Start Advice

Suppose you have separated or are considering separation. In that case, our Brisbane family law team offers tailored and confidential initial legal advice, which we call fresh start advice. We offer this over the phone or in person.

Our experienced family lawyers will provide detailed legal advice specific to your situation, for example:

  • how much is a fair % split;
  • what parenting arrangements might be appropriate;
  • how to formalise current parenting arrangements;
  • what you should do with the family home, assets or super;
  • how to proceed with or without family law lawyers Brisbane-wide.

This advice is 1-2 hours of legal advice to answer the family law questions unique to your situation, designed to set the path out of your current family law situation.

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General Family Law Advice

Suppose you have a specific question or a unique family situation. You would like to have an in-depth discussion with one of our Brisbane family lawyers. We offer a general family law advice session, useful for when you:

  • have family court orders, and you want to discuss them;
  • you want us to review a parenting plan or agreement;
  • have an upcoming mediation and want advice on the process; or
  • you would like some general family law advice.

This advice is 1 hour with any of our family lawyers and solicitors in person or over the phone. It is to give specific and tailored advice to your unique family law situation.

Learn About General Family Law Advice

Quick Phone Chat

If you have a simple family law question or would like to obtain a quote for our family law services, we can offer you a quick family law phone chat.

In a quick family law phone chat, you can expect to have a brief discussion with a divorce and family lawyer to speak about family law and your case generally.

We can, in some cases, provide a quote on:

  • divorce applications;
  • consent orders; or
  • binding financial agreements.

Upcoming Court Advice

If you have a court date coming up, our family law team can discuss with you options, solutions and likely court outcomes.

We like to avoid Family Court, but when it is unavoidable, you should get legal advice. At our Brisbane family law firm, we can discuss with you your rights and options for:

  • domestic and family violence hearings;
  • interim parenting or property hearings;
  • final parenting or property trials; or
  • family lawyer arbitration hearings.

Learn About Family Court Advice

If you are interested in learning more about having initial advice with one of our Brisbane divorce lawyers or family lawyers, call us on 1300 283 667.

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Our reputation speaks for itself...

Greg BrownGreg Brown
03:10 04 Dec 22
Absolute pleasure to deal with! Luke and the team at Cudmore were amazing to deal with, really receptive to my requests, nothing was too much bother. Would recommend.
Emily PeeblesEmily Peebles
00:31 09 Nov 22
Possibly the best lawyer/ Law firm, I've personally ever had a pleasure working with. Emily was impressive to watch in court and was always professional. Her knowledge of law granted me a successful win. Hiring a lawyer can be scary and overwhelming. Emily made me feel comfortable, calm and I always left her, feeling empowered. Highly recommend.
Bill LottBill Lott
00:44 23 Sep 22
Luis Tunstall at Cudmore Legal was outstanding handling my family law matter. I was particularly impressed with the way that he applied his knowledge and expertise. He was professional and pragmatic, making it clear how the courts would likely handle the matter should it go to court and advised me appropriately and effectively. Luis was a steady hand in what could have been an emotionally charged procedure. I will highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice.
Mel GlennonMel Glennon
04:44 13 Jun 22
I had Amelia Medina represent myself through a family law matter, Amelia is exceptionally thorough in what she does and very supportive throughout the 18 months.Very reliable, timely and professional in response to other parties.It’s not easy going through something so heartbreaking, Amelia was sympathetic and made sure my case was strong and well supported with documentation.Thank you so much Amelia, your hard work, long hours are greatly appreciated.

Family Lawyers Brisbane FAQs

What does family law in Australia cover?

Family law, Australia, encompasses a broad range of legal issues related to familial relationships. This includes matters such as divorce, separation, child custody, binding financial agreements, parenting arrangements, property settlements, consent orders, and court representation.

How long does a typical family law case take?

The duration of a family law case can vary widely depending on its complexity and whether the parties can reach an agreement amicably. Simple cases may be resolved within a few months, while more complex ones can take a year or longer, especially if they go to trial.

What are the costs involved in hiring a family lawyer Brisbane-wide?

The costs for family law services can differ based on the complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience, and the time required to resolve the matter. Many law firms offer a fixed fee initial consultation, and ongoing representation may be billed hourly or at a flat rate. Always discuss fees and payment structures upfront.

Do you need a lawyer in family court?

In Australia, you are not legally required to have a lawyer to attend family court.  So do you need a lawyer to go to family court? The short answer is no. However, having legal representation from an accredited family law provider with the Queensland Law Society can be highly beneficial. Here are some considerations for representing yourself (self-representation) versus hiring a lawyer for assistance during the family law process:


Cost Savings: One of the main reasons people choose to represent themselves is to save on legal fees.

Control: You have full control over how your case is presented and managed.

Challenges of Self-Representation

Complex Legal Procedures: Family law issues can be complex, and self-representing individuals may struggle with understanding legal terminology, procedures, and requirements. 

Emotional Stress: Family court matters are often emotionally charged, and representing yourself can add stress during an already difficult time.

Disadvantage in Negotiations: Without a lawyer, you might be at a disadvantage when negotiating with the other party, especially if they have legal representation.

Benefits of Hiring a Brisbane Family Lawyer

Legal Experience: Experienced family lawyers understand legal jargon and the intricacies of family law and can provide you with guidance.

Advocacy: A family law lawyer can effectively advocate for your interests in court, ensuring your rights are protected.

Documentation and Procedure: Law firms handle all necessary paperwork involved with complex legal issues and ensure that court procedures are correctly followed.

Emotional Support: Having a professional family lawyer can alleviate some of the emotional burden by providing support and clarity throughout the process.

Negotiation Skills: Lawyers are skilled negotiators and can help achieve more favourable settlements.

Alternative Options

Legal Aid: If you cannot afford an experienced Brisbane family lawyer, you may qualify for Legal Aid, which provides legal assistance to those who meet certain criteria.

Community Legal Centres: These centres offer free or low-cost legal advice and assistance.

Duty Lawyers: Some courts have duty lawyers available who can provide free legal advice and assistance on the day of your court appearance.

Ultimately, while you can represent yourself in family court, having a lawyer can significantly improve the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

What do family lawyers do?

Maybe you have wondered what is a family lawyer? Or do you need a lawyer for family court? Family law professionals are experienced in local and international family law matters related to familial and domestic relationships. It is beneficial to have a family advice lawyer on your side helping with the process. Their practice typically involves:

    1. Divorce and Separation: Handling the legal processes of ending marriages, de facto or same sex relationships. This includes filing for divorce, negotiating settlements, and representing clients in court.
    2. Child Custody and Support: Assisting with the determination of child custody arrangements and the calculation and enforcement of child support obligations.
    3. Spousal Support/Alimony: Negotiating and litigating issues related to financial support provided to a spouse/ex partner following a divorce or separation.
    4. Adoption: Guiding clients through the legal process of adopting a child, including both domestic and international adoptions.
    5. Paternity: Establishing or disputing paternity, which can influence child support and custody decisions.
    6. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Drafting and reviewing agreements made before or after marriage that outline the distribution of assets and financial responsibilities in the event of a divorce.
    7. Domestic Violence: Assisting victims of domestic abuse in obtaining restraining orders and other protections, as well as representing clients accused of domestic violence.
    8. Guardianship: Arranging for the care and management of individuals who are unable to care for themselves, such as minors or incapacitated adults.
    9. Estate Planning: Sometimes family lawyers also handle wills and estates, ensuring that an individual’s property is managed and distributed according to their wishes.

What does a family lawyer do for you?

A lawyer for family law can offer a wide range of services tailored to your specific needs. Here’s how a family lawyer might assist you:

Legal Advice

  • Providing Guidance: They can explain your rights, options, and responsibilities regarding your family law issue.
  • Strategic Planning: Offering advice on the best course of action based on your circumstances and long-term goals.


  • Court Representation: Acting as your advocate in court proceedings, ensuring your interests are represented.
  • Negotiation: Handling negotiations with the opposing party or their lawyer to reach settlements on matters like custody, property division, and support.
  • Mediation: Facilitating mediation sessions to help both parties come to an amicable agreement without going to court.


  • Drafting Documents: Preparing legal documents such as divorce petitions, custody agreements, prenuptial agreements, and settlement proposals.
  • Filing Paperwork: Ensuring all necessary documents are correctly filed with the appropriate court or government entity.

Case Management

  • Managing Timelines: Keeping track of deadlines and ensuring that all legal processes are followed in a timely manner.
  • Gathering Evidence: Collecting necessary information and evidence to support your case.

Support and Guidance

  • Emotional Support: Providing reassurance and clarity during what can be a very stressful and emotional time.
  • Resource Referral: Connecting you with other professionals, such as counsellors or financial advisors, who can assist with non-legal aspects of your situation.

Advocacy and Protection

  • Protecting Rights: Ensuring that your legal rights are upheld throughout the process.
  • Enforcing Orders: Assisting in the enforcement of court orders, such as those related to child support or restraining orders.

A family dispute lawyer essentially acts as your advocate, advisor, and representative, helping you navigate the complexities of family law with professional guidance.


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