About Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane Co

We are family law firm based in sunny Queensland, Brisbane. We act for wives, husbands, spouses, domestic violence respondents and many individuals that require assistance. Our firm was founded in 2017 by Luke Cudmore, with an edge to run legal matters as efficiently as possible while still providing excellent service.

What do we believe?

These are the core beliefs that underpin our work at Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane Co:

1. We believe legal costs should be kept to a minimum and not unreasonably incurred.
2. We believe litigating a family law matter in Court should be a last resort.
3. We believe that a large majority of family law matters can be resolved by way of mediation, or, if not mediation, concilliation or arbitration.
4. We believe children should be protected from harm and not exposed to violence or abuse.
5. We believe both parents have a right to parent their children and be involved in their lives.
6. We believe children have a right to have a relationship with both of their parents.
7. We believe in giving our clients the fresh start they deserve.