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Amelia Medina – Lawyer

Amelia is a caring, considerate, and inquisitive family lawyer. Having practiced exclusively in family law since her admission in 2018, Amelia holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Amelia enjoys dedicating her time and energy to assist vulnerable clients through the difficulties of navigating relationship breakdowns. With a passion for parenting and property matters, Amelia’s genuine interest in family law allows her to apply her knowledge and skills in a way that assists people through what can be the most vulnerable and difficult time in their life.

Amelia continues to develop her legal and interpersonal skills by working closely with the firm’s Principal Solicitor and Senior Associate. Amelia is committed to achieving positive outcomes for her clients and will endeavour to reach a negotiated outcome at the earliest opportunity, with litigation being the last option.

Always calm, positive, and efficient in her approach, Amelia’s inquisitiveness and ability to understand complex family law matters makes Amelia dedicated and dependable to her clients. Amelia enjoys the challenges of analysing problems and finding solutions that are in her client’s best interests. Amelia derives satisfaction from bringing a sense of calm to the chaos and achieving tangible, practical results for her clients.

In her time outside of the office, Amelia enjoys researching market trading, investments, real estate and property. Amelia appreciates spending quality time with family and friends, red wine, and being outdoors.

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