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Jackson Howes-Dale

I do family law because I have seen unfortunate endings in the Family Law Courts befall my own family members. It is because of this, and my innate knowledge of the fallout in Family Law matters going wrong, that I want to do my part to ensure other people can avoid what my own family went through. 

My goal is to help people arrive at logical and common-sense settlements without having to cede control of a portion of their lives, and their children, to the Courts unless absolutely imperative.  In the instances where this is not an option, I throw my full knowledge, experience and devotion into my client’s cases to ensure that their litigated matter gets the best outcome possible. 

About Jackson

Jackson holds a Bachelor of Laws in addition to a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in sociology).

Prior to commencing his career in the family law profession, Jackson had exposure to the family law system via his own relatives and family members experiences. He has seen, firsthand, what parents and children go through when they are inappropriately and generally ill-preparedly exposed to litigation in the family law courts. This was one of the main reasons that prompted him to specialise in family law upon completing his legal studies – to ensure that people try to work towards settlements and agreements by being logical and rational, without the need for litigation occurring unless absolutely necessary.

Since entering the legal profession Jackson progressed quickly throughout his previous family law firm from clerk to paralegal to solicitor, on account of his abilities to navigate complex family law matters and to get quality results for his client in a no nonsense manner. Jackson is a friendly and down-to-earth person, who is always looking to please his clients and ensure their needs are met. He is always committed to achieving quality results and to ensure that his clients have their needs met on an ongoing basis, from the start of their matter all the way through until conclusion.

Outside of the office, Jackson spends time with his partner, friends and family. He dedicates his spare time to travelling and photography. Interestingly, Jackson has previously lived in both Japan and the Czech Republic.

Qualifications and Experience

Areas of Law and Interest: 

Jackson’s experience as a lawyer extends into the following areas:  

  • Family law 
  • Domestic Violence Law 


Bachelor of Laws  – Griffith University 

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) – Griffith University 

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice – College of Law 



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