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Legal Practice Director

I am the father of two young children and I understand the asymmetric joy a parent and child can provide to one another and the need to protect them. I feel passionate about family law and guiding our clients through a system which has its flaws.

I am compassionate, caring and understanding. My experiences as a father contextualise my family law work and I recognise the anguish felt by some parents in high conflict custody disputes having worked side by side with them on numerous family law matters. Whilst you might be feeling the emotional strain, I promise to be the rock you can turn to for advice in the most difficult situations.

I pride myself on giving no-nonsense, straightforward and sensible family law advice (and sometimes the advice you might not want to hear). I promise to always be honest with you about where your matter is at.

I believe litigation should be a last resort and only used when all other avenues have failed. I pride myself on helping my clients and opening the door for them to continue the next leg of their life journey.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Family Law, Legal Volunteering, Succession and Employment Law
  • Bachelor of Laws – Queensland University of Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice – Queensland University of Technology


Memberships & Press

There are a lot of family lawyers… When you have to need a family lawyer you are likely at perhaps the lowest ebb of your life, so trust is really important and having someone on YOUR side. It is far from a perfect system and no one is perfect. My experience with Cudmore is that in the mess and confusion of legal matters, Luke will do the right thing by you.

J Sourris
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