Family lawyers with Payment Plans

Our law firm is extremely sensitive to our client’s costs. We understand the impact that legal fees can have on your experience within the family law system. At all stages of your matter, we will advise you as to the commercial reality of pursuing or continuing to pursue a matter.

We consistently advise our clients on the most cost effective means to resolve their family law issues. We will regularly update you on your costs as your matter progresses and don’t shy away from conversations or inquiries about costs.

Upfront Cost Commitment

We provide our clients with an accurate assessment of our fees at the start of every family law matter, and we keep our clients regularly apprised of legal costs as they accrue.

Where the complexities of your matter mean we can’t estimate costs accurately, we’ll update you.

We either operate using a range of costs/time billing or fixed costs.

Time Billing/Range

Time billing is the most transparent way to pay legal fees. Solicitors will record all of the work done on your matter, you will receive regular updates as to the costs of your matter. 

With time billing we will provide you with an upfront range of costs. The range will be between a high and a low figure. The aim of our solicitors is to keep your fees to the low figure however in some cases it may go to the high figure.  

Fixed Costs

With fixed costs, we bundle all your legal work into one lump sum fee on a stage by stage basis. This covers all the work that is required to be done on your matter. This fee structure is available on a case by case basis.

Often times, simple cases will be handled better with time billing this is because our lawyers may be able to get it done more quickly costing you less. Other times your legal matter might be to complicated and we don’t want to limit the work we do on your case.

How you can pay

Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane  provides fee-structuring based on your individual needs. Depending on the complexity of your matter, we’re happy to tailor-make a fee structure that suits your needs and delivers value for money representation.

Litigation Funding

If you don’t have funds for representation available but have wealth tied up elsewhere (for example, the equity in a home) we can recommend you to certain family law litigation funding providers that will fund your legal fees from your property settlement.

Private Lay-buy

Lay-buy your legal services on a customised payment plan that suits your needs. Once your full payment has been received, your legal services can begin. This is best for fixed cost cases that aren’t time dependant like divorce applications, consent orders or binding financial agreements.

Buy now pay later

Get your legal services straight away. Pay in your time over 10 weeks in 6 easy fortnightly payments for amounts between $350 – $5000.

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