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Cost of a Will

The cost of a will can vary depending on how you wish to make your will. A Will kit is under $100, a Simple Will with a solicitor or lawyer can be from $500 - $800 (including an enduring power of attorney). A wider estate plan may be from $1000 depending on your needs.

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How to do a property settlement yourself

Virtually all property you’ve accumulated during your marriage should be included for division between the parties. We can help you gather everything you need. To make sure you get what you are entitled to the first step is to know what’s really in the property pool. To do this you need to gather any documents related to your assets or liabilities.

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How to negotiate property settlement

Depending on the size of the asset pool and your ex’s cooperation, a judge working out how property will be split is usually not going to be a great outcome for either party. Whether you were de facto or married usually doesn't matter here. The best outcome is often achieved by a negotiated settlement with the assistance of an experienced family lawyer and this avoids the cost and uncertainty of court orders.

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5 tips to reduce the emotional and legal costs of divorce and separation

Going through a divorce is likely going to be the most difficult time of your life. Divorce doesn't need to be the most expensive or emotionally draining thing you do if you approach it right. You don't want your divorce costing more than your wedding, and while the loss of a relationship is akin to the death of a loved one, there is tactics that can help lessen the blow both emotionally and financially.

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