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Navigating co-parenting post-separation or divorce can present significant challenges for Australian families. Following the dissolution of a relationship, parents often encounter complexities in establishing new parenting arrangements that prioritise the well-being of their children. 

Negotiating the child’s care, visitation schedules, and supporting the child financially can be emotionally taxing and legally intricate. Moreover, unresolved conflicts may see one parent or both parents needing to obtain legal advice or necessitate intervention from the family court or engagement in family dispute resolution processes such as a child support assessment. 

Effective co-parenting requires careful consideration of the children’s best interests, clear communication, and a willingness to collaborate despite the challenges of the separation.

Why should separated or divorced parents use apps?

For harmonious and healthy co-parenting, separated or divorced parents need to communicate effectively for the sake of their children. Before their relationship reaches a comfortable balance, they must figure out a way to get in touch with each other in a way that doesn’t affect the calmness and stability of their children.

The management of multiple daily schedules poses a challenge for parents who do not live together. At times, even the most polite and peaceful separated parents may find it hard to manage their time when it comes to staying updated about their children’s needs and schedules.

Missing out on your children’s daily activities or forgetting to drop or pick them up from school when it’s your turn to do so can have consequences. Luckily, there are several online and mobile apps designed to help solve these problems and promote healthy co-parenting. These apps are available in App Store and Google Play. They help separated parents track schedules and keep communication records, especially if getting in touch with each proves to be an uphill task.

Apps that help separated parents co-parent successfully should:

  • Improve convenient conversations.
  • Improve the ability of parents to share information about their children.

Increase the frequency in which parents share information about their children – such as the child’s medical information or advice from mental health professionals

Overall Best Apps

Below are the overall best apps for separated parents. They are regarded as the best apps because they have been tried and tested, and they have a high success rate. Some of them are award-winning apps, while others were founded by successful professionals who understand how to resolve family conflicts. They include:

  • Coparently
  • WeParent
  • Cozi
  • Our Family Wizard
  • 2Houses

Our Family Wizard

Created by divorced couples, Our Family Wizard is one of the best co-parenting apps to improve information sharing and communication between separated parents. The app comes in handy in managing expenses, tracking parenting time, updating parents on crucial things like school meetings, and scheduling child custody sessions. The good thing about this app is that parents don’t have to involve their children when sending messages to one another. This is because parents have a shared calendar that spells out their obligations.


2Houses has an interactive calendar designed for separated parents to synchronise and share information to eliminate scheduling conflicts. The app also has a financial management system that assists parents to keep tabs on account balances and shared expenses. 2Houses is crucial in co-parenting because it provides vital information about children. Such information includes clothing sizes and blood types.


Founded by a psychologist, WeParent aims to eliminate conflicts so that separated parents can focus on bringing up happy and healthy children. It creates a stress- environment where parents can manage documents, custody schedules, messaging, expenses, and appointments.

Our Children

Our Children offers mobile and online communication tools to assist co-parents track shared expenses, store up-to-date contact details, and improve calendar issues. OurChildren has an added advantage because parents can add their children to the account in an effort to enhance parent-child communication. It offers a one month trial giving parents plenty of time to explore and decide if the app is suitable for both of them.


Cozi is a user-friendly co-parenting app that allows separated parents to update to-do lists, plan meals, and keep track of their children’s school projects and homework assignments. It also features a family journal that helps track your children’s milestones.

Other than online and mobile apps for separated parents, some calculators help parents determine how much child support funds they are supposed to receive or give to ensure that the children’s expenses are met. The best calculator for divorced or separated parents is the Child Support Calculator.

The Child Support Calculator

A child support calculator comes in handy to separated parents by providing reliable estimates. A good example is the Australian Child Support Calculator. It assists higher-earning parents to determine how much they are supposed to give to the other parent for child maintenance purposes.

Do You Need Legal Advice?

Separation and divorce can be complex when dealing with child custody issues. Need some personalised legal advice and compassionate support tailored to your unique circumstances? Trust Cudmore Family Lawyers to help navigate the complexities of co-parenting and ensure the best outcomes for you and your family. Contact Us today.

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