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Our standard consent order package is for couples who have agreed on the division of the assets. Book a free quote here for a reasonable and affordable fixed fee quote.


  1. An initial meeting with you where we will gather necessary information and documents, providing you with a fixed fee quote.
  2. Prepare your Application for Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement.
  3. Arrange for you and your partner to sign it.
  4. File it at the Family Court.
  5. Once the Order has been sealed, we will send a copy to the parties.


The standard consent order package usually includes:

  • Preparing the Application for Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement;
  • Preparing an Affidavit if you were in a de facto relationship;
  • Making any minor amendments you or your partner require;
  • Arranging for you and your partner to sign the Application and filing it in Court;
  • Sending a copy of the final order to the parties.

Please note that the standard fixed-fee Consent Order package may not include:

  • Any disbursements such as court fees, Land Registry fees, experts’ fees, pension policy providers’ fees etc.
  • Any investigation/examination of financial disclosures, and we rely solely on the financial disclosures provided and relied upon by the parties.
  • Conveyancing or other work associated with implementing the Order.
  • Giving you advice about the Order or your legal position before or after the Order is made.

We can give you a fixed fee for any of these additional services.

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