Divorce is a major life event and you will want a family lawyer that has seen it all before. Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane Co Divorce Lawyers provide no-nonsense commercial advice for those separating.

Best Family Lawyers

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Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane is a family law firm based in Brisbane, Australia. We specialise in family law, divorce, separation, child living arrangements, property, parenting matters, spouse maintenance, property…

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Post-Separation Assets

What Happens to Post-Separation Assets?  Parties can build up significant assets after separation and should be aware of how those assets are treated in family law proceedings. Property that is…

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Sole Divorce Applications

You can apply for a divorce on your own without your former spouses consent, this is called a sole application for divorce. You might need to do a sole application…

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Are assets received post family law separation included in the property settlement?

Family law property settlements are not calculated on the date of separation but at the date of final orders or agreements. That means assets can be included in the property pool even if they get obtained post-separation. It depends on the type of asset as to whether it gets included in the property asset pool.

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Family Lawyers Brisbane Northside

We have many Brisbane Northside locations. Our Brisbane North family law firm perfectly understands the family struggles people go through. To most, the emotional stress is unbearable. It's for this reason that we do whatever we can to minimise the legal process's uncertainty and stress.

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Airport Watch list

A child in Australia is unable to depart Australia without having the consent of both parents or those who have parental responsibility. To prevent the unauthorised removal of a child from Australia, a parent can apply to the Court for an order called an airport watch list order.

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