Fixed fee or fixed price divorce lawyers offer services at a fixed rate no matter how long the legal service takes. Most divorce or family lawyers charge by an hourly rate whereas fixed price or flat rate divorce lawyers give you one fee for the work no matter how long it takes. However, you should note that fixed prices aren’t available for every family law case.

Who are fixed fee family lawyers for?

At Cudmore Legal we understand that you may not want to incur excessive legal fees. This is best avoided by coming to an agreement with your former spouse about what you want to do with your property or children and then formalising that agreement with the help of lawyers.

Our fixed fee lawyers offer fixed prices to people in cases where they have already reached an agreement with their former spouse or in divorce applications.   

Your rights to fixed costs

Lawyer are to give clients written information about how costs will be calculated, this rule applies to fixed fees. You should speak with your lawyer to find out if all or a portion of your legal work can be fixed fee.

Benefits of fixed fees in family law

The benefits of having a fixed fee:

  • Ability to plan your legal fee costs
  • Confidence in the legal process
  • No hidden costs
  • Certainty with your legal matter

Downsides of fixed fees

While it sounds good some downsides of fixed fees in divorce or family law matters include:

  • Cookie cutter approach
  • Overpaying consider whether an hourly rate more cost effective?
  • Might not include extra advice that you require
  • Process orientated rather than people orientated
  • Unplanned variations to your quote might be needed if further or other legal issues arise

What fixed fee divorce family law services can we offer?

We can offer several fixed price services including:

  • Divorce Applications
  • Consent Orders
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Wills or Enduring Power of Attorneys
  • Single court appearances (for eg as part of a divorce application or domestic violence order)
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Fixed fee divorce lawyers

Fixed Fee Divorce Applications

While you can do a divorce application yourself some of our clients prefer to do it with the assistance with lawyer. A divorce application is only part of the family law separation process, it doesn’t include children or property issues.

You may qualify for a fixed fee divorce application if you:

  • Have been separated for at least one year
  • Your spouse consents to the divorce
  • You don’t have children under 18
  • You don’t have matrimonial assets to deal with

If any of the above apply you may still be entitled to fixed fee divorce package options.

Fixed Fee Consent Orders

Consent orders have the same legality as an official court order, they are a court order but that are done by consent which means parties agree to what is on the order and the court merely acts to formalise that agreement. Learn more about Consent Orders and our Fixed Fees here.

Fixed Fee Financial Agreements

Sometimes rather than consent orders parties will prefer to do a Binding Financial Agreement you can learn more about them here.

Fixed Fees for Wills or Enduring Power of Attorney

Ending or starting a relationship is a good time to update your Will or Enduring Power of Attorney you can learn more about our Wills and Enduring power of Attorney services here.

Why don’t we advertise our fixed fees on our website?

We believe every case is unique, you might require more or less fixed fee work than other clients depending on what you are able to or willing to do to reduce your costs. To get an accurate assessment of your fixed fee prices please contact us on (07) 3317 8346.

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