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Domestic Violence Order Lawyers Brisbane

Domestic Violence Applicant Advice

Firstly, it goes without saying that if you need urgent help, call the police on 000.

What happens in our domestic violence applicant consultation?

In our domestic violence advice consultation, we will discuss your likelihood of applying for a temporary or permanent protection order.

We will examine the relationship between you and the respondent to see if it fits in the appropriate category for an order. We will discuss if anyone else can be included in the domestic violence order. At this point, we will get the full details of the respondent.

We will discuss the option of a temporary order and whether that is suitable in your circumstances. If you already have a temporary arrangement, we can discuss a permanent protection order and its suitability.

After we have examined the above, we will discuss the actual grounds of the application order and whether or not the actions of the respondent warrant an application.

If we can establish grounds, then we will discuss whether a domestic violence order will be appropriate or whether it can be proven that is necessary and desirable.

In the end, we will make sure you get an opportunity to ask any questions. If we believe you will have success in applying for a domestic violence order, we will provide you with the likely costs involved.

What is domestic violence?

Threats, intermediation, physical or emotional abuse against you or your children are all forms of domestic violence that occurs within a domestic relationship.

The abuse can encompass, but is not limited to:

  • psychological
  • physical
  • sexual
  • financial
  • emotional

Do I need a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

You can apply for one yourself, with the police or with the assistance of a domestic violence lawyer. We recommend you speak to a lawyer before applying for an order.

How does a domestic violence order protect me?

There are standard conditions in all orders to keep you safe. However, you can seek to impose other requirements if the court thinks it necessary for your safety. You might want the respondent to stay away from school or your workplace.

How long does a protection order protect me?

Depends on your circumstance but is usually two years from the date of the order. Sometimes a judge might make a more extended order if they are satisfied that it is necessary to do so.

What is the penalty for breaching a Domestic Violence Order?

Domestic Violence Orders are civil matters which means that having one against you does not give you a criminal record, however, breaching the order is a serious criminal offence which may result in a fine and further penalties.

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