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Will Lawyers and Solicitors

Are you in need of a Will? Our Will Lawyers and Solicitors are here to help.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that states what you want to happen with your property in the event of your death. A Will allows you to gift certain assets to specific beneficiaries, for example, family members or a nominated charity. The Will also outlines what happens to the ‘rest and residue’ of your estate. This is what is left of your property after specific gifts have been considered.

Simple will

A simple Will does not include drafting specific clauses for circumstances that are not ‘standard’. This might include blended families, leaving someone out of the estate, control of trusts, business and company interests, loans or any other circumstances which may impact the time it takes to prepare your Will.

Advanced Will

An Advanced Will is suitable for individuals with advanced estate planning needs due to more intricate family relationships or interests in trusts or companies.

How much does a Will lawyer cost?

The total cost of a Will depends on various factors including your individual circumstances and the experience of your Will lawyer.

Why is a Will important?

If you die without a valid Will, you die ‘intestate’, basically, your property is distributed in accordance with the legislation of your state. It can cause dramas for your family and your property could end up going to someone that you had no intention of leaving an inheritance too. This might be an estranged child or even a parent. Some people may be happy with their assets being distributed according to law. But consider the possibility that people you never intended to benefit may end up with part of your estate and that distributing it this way can be a difficult process for your family.

What about property owned with someone else?

It depends on how you own that property if it forms part of your estate, for eg if you and your spouse own a house as joint tenants, your half will go to them as the right of survivorship would apply.

What if I want to disinherit my children?

In certain states and territories, you may have to do certain things to rightfully disinherit any of your children. If not done properly they may be able to lay claim on your estate.

What if I want to leave something to a sibling, child or cousin but not their spouse?

This can be done with a Will by naming the person solely you want to gift something too and not including the name of their spouse or referencing their marriage.

How can I learn more about getting my Will done with a solicitor?

Call us on 1300 283 667 24/7 to leave a message.  We usually start your Will process by asking some initial questions to see if it is a basic will, advanced will or testamentary trust that you might need. Once we have a clear idea of what you need we will provide you with a fixed fee price, which includes an initial consultation, will drafting and execution.

You can learn more about our fixed fee packages here.

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