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Divorce and Family Lawyers

About Cudmore Legal

Cudmore Legal provides outstanding family and divorce law services across Queensland. Our phenomenal service is due to one thing – we truly understand that every client has their own needs and wants when dealing with private legal matters.

Our team understands that going through a separation or a divorce can be stressful and challenging, not just for you but everyone involved too.

Our family lawyers are highly qualified individuals that can guide you through your time of need and grief by providing personalised advice for your family law matters. With the diversity in experience and unique skills of our family and divorce lawyers, we guarantee at Cudmore Legal you will find a lawyer to confide in tough times.

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“I found Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers excellent and very professional in taking care of my family legal matters, and would especially like to thank Sarah, my personal lawyer in getting my legal matters sorted promptly and very professionally. The result was awesome and I would highly recommend Sarah and the team there to anyone without a doubt!”

Darin Bruntlett

“A very emotional divorce and property settlement was handled extremely well. Never easy, but it was a relief to find Cudmore Legal when I needed it most.

Pricing was less than half of what other family lawyers were asking. The system is the system . You have no option to navigate it. Cudmore Legal made sure I didn’t go it alone.”

Quentin Hall

Family Law Solutions

Choose your path below.

I have never been to a family lawyer. What can I expect?

If you’re just separated, or this is the first time you’re seeing a lawyer, you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when making initial contact with a family law firm. Our Gold Coast Family Lawyers can assist you with a tailored initial consultation about our legal service. Learn more about our fresh start advice sessions.

I want to divorce my partner

We can assist you with preparing and filing your divorce documents. Did you know that divorce is only one part of the process? A divorce does not deal with children or property settlements or arrangements. If you want to learn about these, we recommend you book in for a fresh start advice session. Our separation lawyers on the Gold Coast are here to help.

Consent Orders
Binding Financial Agreements

We are amicable at this stage, and want to know how to keep it that way

If you have reached an agreement with your former spouse and want to know how to formalise it under the Family Law Act, we have the right solutions for you. We highly recommend you learn more about formalising your amicable agreement here with our experienced family lawyers.

Consent Orders
Binding Financial Agreements

We are in mediation soon & I want representation or tips on mediation

If things have progressed to mediation and you require representation, we recommend you book for our general family law consult for some options and solutions.

We have a family court date coming up. Can a lawyer help me predict my outcomes?

Family Court can be overwhelming, and you must get advice as soon as possible. We highly recommend you book in for an initial consultation tailored to reviewing your upcoming court documents.

Domestic Violence

I am concerned about domestic violence

If you would like to make an application for domestic violence or contest one made against you, our family lawyers can help.

Domestic Violence

I am unhappy with property arrangements

If you’re unhappy with your current property arrangements, we can advise you in our general family law initial consultation.

Child Custody

I am unhappy with parenting arrangements

If you’re unhappy with your current parenting arrangements we can give you advice in our general family law initial consultation.

Child Custody

Second Opinion

I need a second opinion

If you already have a family lawyer and need a second opinion, we recommend booking for our second opinion consultation.

Second Opinion

Fixed Fees
Free Phone Consultation

Fixed Fee Quote

We can provide a fixed fee quote for binding financial agreement or consent order reviewed. We highly recommend you book in for a free phone consultation so we can give you a quote.

Fixed Fees
Free Phone Consultation

family law services gold coast
Our services

Our Family Law Gold Coast Services

Our family lawyers at Southport offer a range of family law services. We are competitive with our fees and believe everyone should be able to access quality legal representation.

Financial Separation

Property settlement in family law is the legal division of assets between two parties.

A property settlement is often described in percentages. Once a share has been agreed between the parties, a property settlement is then formalised by either a consent order or a financial agreement.

Our team of divorce lawyers on the Gold Coast will be able to help you keep what is lawfully yours.

Property Settlement

Superannuation Splitting 

Are you questioning whether your ex partner/ de facto relationship is entitled to your superannuation?

The answer is yes. Separated couples can split superannuation to the other spouse as part of a settlement. 

Note, parties still have to follow superannuation rules to access super early. If parties are near retirement age, you can take certain actions to protect superannuation after de facto relationships (opposite or same sex relationship) have split.

Superannuation Splitting – everything you need to know

Parenting Arrangements

Children are the most important factor in a family law dispute. Our team of Gold Coast family lawyers are highly experienced in negotiating successful parenting outcomes.

Child custody is one of the most emotional and complex issues to resolve. It’s important to have a family lawyer on your side who understands child protection matters and will advocate for your families best interests.

Child Custody


Our lawyers understand the emotional stress of going through a divorce, and we are here to support you through it all.

Getting a divorce is a national process. It doesn’t deal with children or property arrangements.

A divorce dissolves the marriage. Our qualified Gold Coast divorce lawyers can smoothly make the divorce process run, whether you decide to do a joint or a sole divorce application.


Consent Orders

A consent order is a binding agreement about what happens to your property or children after separation.

A consent order is a court order without having to go to court. We can guarantee a quick and seamless process.

Our family lawyers will handle any court requisitions and ensure you receive qualified legal advice before entering into any consent orders.

Consent Orders

Binding Financial Agreement 

This agreement can be made between two parties at any time before or after a relationship ends or commences.

It is a private contract between a couple on their property, assets, superannuation and liabilities in the event of a breakup or divorce.

Binding Financial Agreements

Domestic violence 

If you need urgent help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the authorities on 000. Domestic violence is anything from threats, intermediation, physical or emotional abuse against you or your children.

Our family lawyers are ready to give you the peace of mind you may be seeking and provide you with in-depth domestic violence advice and legal services.

Domestic Violence

Court Hearing and Trials 

Did you know that most matters settle well before a final family court hearing?

If you need to prepare for an upcoming court date, our family court lawyers are readily available to discuss options and potential outcomes of your court hearing.

Whether you have an interim hearing or a final trial, our family court lawyers are fully equipped to help you with your family law issues.

Family Court Advice Session

Mediation Representation

Children are the most important factor in a family law dispute. Our team of Gold Coast family lawyers are highly experienced in negotiating successful parenting outcomes.

Child custody is one of the most emotional and complex issues to resolve. It’s important to have a family lawyer on your side who will advocate for your families best interests and the ongoing financial support for a party.

Child Custody Lawyers Gold Coast

Some frequently asked questions are below, if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 5655 7629

Frequently asked questions

You can expect to pay a fair and reasonable fee. Cudmore Legal is an affordable family law firm. We provide our clients with open and upfront fees. 

We have a variety of flexible fee solutions through our relationships with third-party vendors. This includes short interest-free payment plans, litigation funders and in some cases we can even defer your fees until the end of your legal matter.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer legal aid at this stage.

If you have an upcoming court date let us know before booking your appointment so we can endure our family lawyers availability on the day. 

Yes, we do. You can book in for a video initial consultation here.

Yes in some cases we offer a fixed fee. You can learn more about when we do our fixed fees here.

It’s very normal to feel nervous about reaching out to a law firm. It’s often the last resort in a separation. It’s a family lawyer’s role to help you reach a fair and equitable solution with your former spouse. If you’re feeling nervous, start with a free family law phone conversation and go from there. Our family law division is here to help you.

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Need an experienced family law team on your side?

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Should you choose to go ahead with our Gold Coast Family Law services, we reassure you that you will not only receive the support of your personal lawyer but the entire team here at Cudmore Legal. Our family law solicitors on the Gold Coast work closely to ensure you receive the best legal outcome for your situation.

To get started and talk to someone about your situation, we at Cudmore Legal offer you a free consultation with one of our highly experienced and qualified family law lawyers on the Gold Coast.

We are an award-winning family law firm based in Southport, Gold Coast. Want to have a chat with us?