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At Cudmore Legal Gold Coast, we have several incredible and highly experienced divorce lawyers ready to guide you through the divorce process with clarity and ease.

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Let us save you the hassle and do your divorce application from start to finish. Our Gold Coast divorce lawyers understand that many find the divorce application process to be overwhelming. We reassure that our team of divorce lawyers here at Cudmore Legal will make this process as seamless as possible.

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Getting a divorce

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No-hassle divorce application

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 with our Gold Coast Divorce Lawyers

Step 1: Free Phone Consult

We will do a quick free phone consult to ensure you have met the divorce eligibility and if you have we will provide you with a fixed fee quote.

Step 2: Prepare & File Divorce Application

We will prepare the divorce application for you from start to finish. Our divorce lawyers at Cudmore Legal Gold Coast will file and lodge the divorce application. We will serve your former partner also if necessary.

Step 3: Optionally Serve Your Ex & Attend the Divorce Hearing

If you make a sole divorce application, you must serve your ex. We can do this for you. And, if you have a child under 18, you must attend the hearing. Our divorce lawyers Gold Coast will attend the hearing so you don’t have to.

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Gold Coast Divorce Lawyers

Why choose us for your divorce?

We know how overwhelming and emotional a divorce can be to go through alone. Our Gold Coast divorce lawyers can offer you insightful legal advice on your rights and responsibilities before applying for a divorce. The highly qualified divorce lawyers will be able to handle the entire application process to ensure that you are meeting all the required legal criteria.

We will handle your divorce with care

You deserve a divorce lawyer that understands your situation. Our Gold Coast divorce lawyers will work in your best interest and provide you with the best legal advice for your situation. 

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Why choose us for your divorce?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not illegal to apply for a divorce by yourself without the consent of your previous spouse. This process of applying for divorce by a single party is known as a sole divorce application. This application form is submitted if your former partner refuses to get a divorce or you cannot locate your partner. 

The other party has the right to know and be informed about the divorce hearing. They are also required to receive, read, and sign the sole divorce application. This process is called “a service of documents.” 

If your former spouse refuses to sign the divorce application, that’s fine. We will simply affirm that we gave it to them and proceed with the divorce.

A divorce application can still be submitted even though you live under the same roof. However, you are required to provide supporting affidavits in the divorce application that the court will be satisfied with. Our divorce lawyers at Gold Coast have put together a list of information that must go in the affidavit:

  • Sleeping arrangements in place
  • Reduction in family activities and outings
  • Reduction in performing household chores and duties for each other
  • Division of finances – separate bank accounts
  • Any other evidence of the marriage being broken could be as simple as informing the extended family.

If you have assets involved in your divorce, it is not dealt with by a divorce. It can be dealt with under a property settlement agreement. If you have assets, we recommend you book in for an Initial Fresh Start Consultation.

If you cannot locate your partner, we will help you find them. We will be required to prove that we have attempted to find your partner.

We have several methods to locate lost partners such as:

  • Attending their last known address
  • Asking friends and family of your spouse
  • Contacting their place of employment
  • Post a notice in the newspapers or any other form of social media or traditional media
  • Any other methods you have attempted.

After trying these methods, we are allowed to then apply for substituted services.

We have gone through this exact process with several clients. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and extremely emotional. A divorce is a very stressful, frustrating, and emotional process to go through for both parties.

The divorce application fee varies, and our fees vary depending on your situation. The benefit of going through us is the ability to pay both the divorce application fee and the fee for our time via instalments.

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