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Domestic violence is a significant concern in Queensland and across Australia. The legal framework addressing this issue is designed to protect victims and prevent further abuse. This guide provides an overview of domestic violence law in Queensland and its interplay with family law in Australia, offering insights into the legal protections and remedies available. 

Domestic Violence Legislation in Queensland 

Queensland has specific legislation aimed at combating domestic violence. Key aspects include: 

Protection Orders: The law allows victims to obtain protection orders, which impose legal restrictions on the behavior and contact of the abuser. 

Range of Abuse Recognized: The legislation recognizes various forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, psychological, and financial. 

Enforcement and Penalties: Strict enforcement measures and penalties are in place for breaches of protection orders. 

Family Law and Domestic Violence in Australia 

Family law plays a crucial role in addressing domestic violence, especially in matters involving children and separation. The law prioritizes the safety and well-being of victims and children: 

Child Custody and Safety: In custody disputes, the child’s safety is the paramount consideration, especially in cases involving domestic violence. 

Impact on Divorce and Property Settlements: Evidence of domestic violence can impact divorce proceedings and the division of property, with the victim’s safety being a key consideration. 

Support Services and Legal Aid: Victims of domestic violence have access to support services, including counseling, legal aid, and shelter services. 

Seeking Legal Help in Domestic Violence Cases 

Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to seek legal help: 

Legal Advice and Representation: Law firms specializing in domestic violence, like Cudmore Legal, provide legal advice and representation to navigate the complexities of the law. 

Support Through Legal Processes: Legal professionals can guide victims through the process of obtaining protection orders and dealing with family law matters. 


Domestic violence law in Queensland and family law in Australia are integral to protecting victims and addressing the issue of abuse. Understanding these laws, the protections they offer, and the legal recourse available is crucial for anyone affected by domestic violence. 

For those in need of assistance, Cudmore Legal offers expert legal guidance and support in domestic violence cases. Our team is dedicated to helping victims navigate the legal system to find safety, justice, and peace. 

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