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Fresh Start Advice

When you need a fresh start, talk to one of our separation lawyers.

Whether you’ve just separated or you’ve been apart for quite some time, our family law fresh start advice is personalised to you and your unique situation.

Initial Consultation

Get an advantage from the start

Fresh Start Advice

What our advice session includes

The advice you need when you need it the most

A legal separation can have major lifelong consequences. In our Initial Fresh Start Consultation you will get advice on protecting your legal interests now and in the future so you can move through your legal separation with clarity and ease.

1 on 1 with a qualified family lawyer

Our family lawyers are highly qualified individuals.

Speaking 1 on 1 with one of our friendly family lawyers is the first step to begin freeing you of the stress of a legal separation.

Real actionable options & advice

A clear path forward is essential to set you up for separation success.

You chosen lawyer will show you possible options to take to progress your interests, but in the end you’ll decide which ones to take.

Customised legal advice

Although we’ve helped thousands of people like you, we recognise that every case is unique.

Your chosen lawyer will provide you with customised and tailored advice unique to your situation.

Free follow up consultation

After your initial Fresh Start consultation your lawyer will do a complimentary follow up call to see if you have any further questions about the advice that was discussed.

Separate with ease with Cudmore Legal

What is a legal separation?

A legal separation usually involves the splitting of property, the dissolution of marriage and the negotiation of parenting arrangements. In the worst cases it may also involve domestic violence. Our family lawyers are skilled in strategic negotiations to get you the best possible outcome in these areas.

Financial Separation

You can’t protect what is rightfully yours, if you don’t know what it is.

In our initial Fresh Start Consultation, we will provide you with a range you can expect to receive in a financial separation.

Parenting Arrangements

Children are the most delicate and important part of a legal separation.

In our initial Fresh Start Consultation, we will advise you on negotiating parenting arrangements and what you might expect to be agreed upon.


As overwhelming as it is, divorce is only one small part of a legal separation, however it can have severe consequences if not done with proper understanding.

In our initial Fresh Start Consultation. we will advise you of the legal consequences of a divorce, so you can make fully informed decisions.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately a large number of legal separations involve domestic violence allegations.

Domestic violence can be emotional, financial or physical. In our initial Fresh Start Consultation we can discuss the outcomes you might expect when domestic violence is involved.

If you are concerned about financial separation

We will advise you on the likely outcome of your financial separation.


We will examine the property pool

We will examine your current assets and liabilities.

We will generally talk about what you currently own together or separately and any liabilities.

We will ask about superannuation, the family home and any investments you may have. We will ask about businesses, shares and anything else.


We will discuss who contributed to what

After we have an idea of the property pool, we will then ask you some questions about contributions.

Contributions may be financial or non-financial. It may include being the homemaker or breadwinner.

Contributions are a deciding factor in who gets what in a family law financial separation, however, the longer the relationship goes on for, the less these factors count.


We will talk about who needs what in the future

Future needs impact what is fair in a financial separation.

It is essential you adequately assess your future needs as failure to do so may lead to poor results in the long term.

We will ask if you or they have any illnesses that might affect your future, or if you or they will have care of a child. We will discuss your working age and anything else that might impact your future ability to support yourself.

Get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision

1. A fair financial split percentage

Financial separation is often referred to you in percentage splits. We can advise you what you might expect to be fair.

Get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision

2. The best way to negotiate about getting that fair financial split percentage

We will discuss strategic ways to get what is rightfully yours.

3. Your options for you once negotiations have finalised

Once you have agreed with your former spouse on a percentage split you will need certain documents. We can advise you on which ones will suit your situation best.

4. The likely costs to protect what is yours

We will discuss with your legal fees to reach an ideal outcome.

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Initial Consultation
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If you are concerned about parenting arrangements

If you are concerned about parenting, we can provide you with advice on your current situation and what we can do to improve or protect it.


We will talk about negotiation

We provide advice on negotiating parenting arrangements, formalising parenting arrangements and protecting current arrangements that are already in place.

We will discuss any likely actions we might take, for example, writing to the other side and proposing formalising a current arrangement or asking them to consider changing the current arrangements.


We will talk about mediation

If you have an upcoming mediation date, we will discuss how you can best prepare.

We will advise whether you or the other side is being reasonable according to family law.

We will discuss with you what to propose and how to propose it in mediation. If you wish, we will even discuss how we might represent you at the mediation.


We will talk about court

With steady stewardship the majority of family law matters never go to court.

However if your matter is at court stage or we are concerned it might get there, we will discuss the likely outcome of any court decisions.

It is important to remember that when both parties have good representation almost all court matters settle before a final hearing. However you may have interim or other court hearings for the purpose of case progression.

Children are the most important part of a legal separation, it is important to get advice to protect their interests from the very start.

1. The best interest of the child

Family law is concerned with the rights of the children and the responsibilities of the parent.

This means the best interest of the child or children should be paramount to any decision made by you in regards to parenting arrangements.

We will discuss with you what you believe is in the best interest of the child and whether or not we can make that into a parenting agreement.

Children are the most important part of a legal separation, it is important to get advice to protect their interests from the very start.

2. Reaching a parenting agreement

We will discuss strategic ways to move forward to get an ideal parenting agreement.

These steps are tailored to you and your specific family law case.

3. If you can’t agree on parenting

If you cannot agree with parenting arrangements, we will discuss options and steps to be made, which might including inviting the other party to mediation or even filing in court.

4. Formalising any agreements

We will discuss with your legal fees to reach an ideal outcome in your financial separation.

family law advice

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It is $350. You can pay this via QuickaPay in 6 easy fortnightly payments.

That’s completely okay! We can still get estimates by asking questions about your lifestyle, employment and other factors. We will use valuation tools for assets and will look at your cash flow to estimate debts.

That’s great news! We can help you document what is agreed upon that way things can stay amicable in the future.

Many of our clients have advice and then come back to us when they have thought it through, some even go away and manage to sort things out on their own. We will discuss with you what your likely goals are from the session and we will tailor our advice to that.

We understand that often times when people have important conversations they think of questions they wanted to ask or things they wanted to say, long after the conversation has finished. That’s why we do a post consultation complimentary follow up call for any further thoughts you might have.

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