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Top 5 Things About Being a Family Lawyer in Sandgate/Brighton

As a Sandgate/Brighton local, I’ve come to love the area. We have such a fantastic community spirit which I am fortunate to be part of. As a local Family Lawyer, I’ve decided to open an office in Sandgate so I can continue to offer fantastic and well-priced legal services to the local community. I’ve come up with my top fives things I love about being a local Family Lawyer in Sandgate/Brighton.

1 – The Amazing Waterfront

Sandgate and Brighton have an amazing waterfront. It makes for a wonderful run or stroll at all times of the year. If you catch the tide in, the water comes right up to the boardwalk and you can even see the marine life swimming around. It’s a very popular walk and is busy up at as late as 9:00pm at night, so it’s a safe walking destination. You’ll often see many locals on your walks and you’ll often get a smile and a wave.

2 – The Environment

Sandgate and Brighton have a fantastic ecosystem and environment. There are large inland nature reserves which make for a fantastic nature walk on the various tracks. Einbunpin Lagoon in the middle of Sandgate holds a large amount of wildlife, including turtles and native birds. Being surrounded by such a wonderful biodiveristy makes me passionate about environmental conservation and protecting wildlife.

3 – The Local Community

Sandgate has a fantastic and close-knit local community. You can always find a friendly face along the main Brighton Road Strip (where our office located). The locals are always keen to welcome anew face and it’s fantastic being able to wander around town. You’re never without a friend to chat to. Being a local Family Lawyer, I’m super conscious of how important family and community are and Sandgate and Brighton epitomize this spirit. With our new Sandgate Office, I’m hoping to be able to now better service this great community.

4 – Sporting Events

Sandgate and Brighton have some fantastic local events, particularly centered around running. There’s Parkrun which runs most Saturdays and also Sunset Run which features in Sandgate. There’s also numerous fitness clubs and professionals who use the waterfront as a backdrop for training sessions. If you’re looking at getting fit and healthy, Sandgate and Brighton have a wealth of fitness opportunities for you.

5 – Coffee!

Sandgate and Brighton have heaps of coffee shops. If you love coffee like me, there’s plenty to choose from, each with their different feel and vibe. It’s fantastic to start the day with a good blend. Every lawyer knows the day hasn’t properly started until you have a warm cup of coffee between your mitts, particularly in winter. I’m looking forward to downing a few cups in our new Sandgate location.

That’s my top five things I love about Sandgate/Brighton. Cudmore Legal has opened a new office in Sandgate, so I’m hoping to see a lot more of the area whilst I work. Cudmore Legal offers services in Family Law, Crime and Wills and Estates. We’re glad to be able to offer these Family Law services in the local Sandgate/Brighton area.

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