Upcoming Family Court Options, Solutions & Assessment

If you have an upcoming court date for family law, we can discuss your options and provide likely outcomes you might expect at court or trial.

The family court process can be challenging to navigate on your own. Our family lawyers are seasoned court advocates and negotiators.

We can discuss with you what documents you might need prepared, how you should behave in court, the cost of representation and general advice on how to approach the court process as well as the most likely outcome.

Interim Hearings

If you have an interim hearing coming up for property or parenting, we can help.

We have provided advice and assistance in several family law interim hearings.

  • Parenting Interim Hearings such as:
    • Child Recovery Orders
    • Injunctions
    • Urgent Applications
    • Directions
    • Appointments of child lawyers
    • Family reports or child inclusive conferences
  • Property Interim Hearings dealing with such topics as:
    • Spousal Maintenance Applications
    • Injunctions (for example to stop the sale of assets)
    • Interim distributions
    • Requests for sole occupancy
    • Disclosure

Final Hearings

If you have a final hearing coming up, we recommend you contact us urgently to assist. We are very experienced in


We will advise you the likely success of an appeal being granted. And if an appeal is granted the likely outcomes of a new hearing or trial.

Domestic Violence

Whether you are applying for a domestic violence order or contesting one, we can discuss with you the likely success of any application, explain the process and detail the consequences of an application if it were to succeed or fail.

How much is our Upcoming Court Options, Solutions & Assessment?


How long is the advice?

The advice is 45-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of your case.